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Are you struggling with a relationship? Feeling depressed, anxious, unhappy? Coping with challenges or grieving a loss? The kinds of concerns that bring a person into counseling can affect all of us. Almost without exception, most of us suffer from some kind of emotional or mental difficulty at some point in our lives.

You may be experiencing troubling thoughts, unruly emotions, or the lack thereof. Possibly you are experiencing behaviors that feel like they’re getting out of control. While you may sense that something is very wrong, you feel helpless because you know you need to talk to someone...but who?

Personal and Emotional Growth

Talking with a mental health counselor can bring clarity, perspective, and hope. Often, the simple act of sharing out loud what you normally don't share can relieve anxiety and fears you might be feeling.

Many clients come to counseling reluctantly, unsure of themselves and their future, yet leave grateful and full of promise.

As a skilled and compassionate counselor, my job is to listen, unencumbered by judgement, so that together we can clarify your needs and discover what blocks you from obtaining them. Together we seek to overcome life's many obstacles.

Professional Services